Sunday, September 2, 1990

Postcard, Vienna, Austria, 2nd September 1990

Postcard, Vienna, Austria, written 2nd September 1990, postmarked in Prague, Czechoslovakia 
2 Sept. 90 (Austria)
I (heart) Vienna!!!!
Unfortunately it's very expensive! But we (me & 2 Irish girls) are only here for 2 days! Saw a wonderful monument to Mozart - next visit here I'll go to the horses, we don't have time this visit -
Love Laura

Commentary, 2nd January 2012: The horses I refer to here are the Lipizzaner Stallions, which my father highly recommended I see - he really enjoyed them when he was in Europe in 1980.  The reason this postcard was mailed from Czechoslovakia is because thanks to the exchange rate, postage was MUCH cheaper there than in Austria (or most any other Western European country at the time).  

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