Friday, March 6, 1992

Postcard, New Zealand, apx 6th March 1992

Postcard from me to my family, from New Zealand, apx 6th March 1992, postmarked Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Everybody! I feel like I struck gold! New Zealand is Fantastic!! It's absolutely beautiful, mountains & trees everywhere, even the cities are nice - everybody says "hello" as they walk past - I'm working for "Mt. Tabor Community Trust" - they help teach self-sufficiency to mildly retarded and deaf people - I'm learning sign language! Sometimes I'm at their farm in the country or at their house in Auckland - it's great!
Don't worry about this, it's a promo postcard I picked up (nice, eh?) cheaper than the usual. But if you want you can write to the addresses if you want info about N.Z.  My address is:
Laura DiFiore
Poste Restante
Main Post Office
Auckland, New Zealand
Love, Laura

Commentary, 2nd January 2012: The front of this postcard was covered with the mold that was spreading through so many of my possessions in Calhan, Colorado, after the disastrous pipe freeze, so unfortunately I was unable to scan it.