Sunday, June 10, 1990

The Famed "Nessie" passing Castle Urouhart
Postcard mailed from Edinburgh, Scotland, postmarked 13 June 1990

Postcard from me to my family, sent from Edinburgh, Scotland, written 10th June 1990, postmarked 13th June, 1990

18 Eglington Crescent
Edinburgh, Scotland
EH12 5DD
10 June 1990
Hello! This hostel I'm at is so much fun - the people are nuts! We've been doing crazy things like wood sword-fighting on the roof & chair "bagpipe" concerts - also touristy stuff like going to the castle here, & museums. My "boss" is 19 years going on 6 - also 2 Australians a French & Canadian girl - too! & me - we're all progressively reducing our behavior in age! But its so fun! 
Lots of love,
P.S. I'll be here until the end of June - then Ireland or France haven't decided yet!